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      In May of 2009, Founders/Directors Wendell Francis and Tracy, after a long wait was able to establish an organization that will be dedicated to supporting the less fortunate. Levite Alms is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt & NYS tax-exempt organization for public and societal benefit. Levite Alms is a Private Foundation. We've noticed discrepancies in the way New York City and many others distribute aid to impoverished individuals and families. We couldn't be blind to the fact that New York City alone holds great wealth that can be evenly disbursed. Most restaurants, supermarkets, and all establishments that sell food perishables or non-perishables discard their items or sell them to discount stores. Correct us if we're wrong but, the same procedure goes for clothing, footwear, electronics, and businesses that sell all sorts of merchandise. They can send the products that aren't food or beverages back to the manufacturer.  

      But, by reprogramming our thought process, we as a society can be able to see that selflessness will perpetuate prosperity for all. As a Charitable Organization, we took the initiative to pave the way for others to embrace selflessness. There is a niche that we are able to fill and that is taking things that are undesirable to one and giving it to another. We are not in existence to play games with necessities that should be, by right, accessible to all. We are here to be a shoulder or a crutch to lean on.

As another form of support Founders/Directors, Tracy and Wendell Francis are Co-Authors of an aidful book called, Extended Guide To God. We believe individuals who are chosen to embrace all that is written can acquire stability and navigate this existence better. Just click on the PDF file below for a free read. Thank you and God Bless!

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