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     Levite Alms is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt & New York State tax-exempt organization for public and societal benefit.

      Hi, we are urging individuals for support with donations of clothing; food; drinks; money; electronics; footwear; basic hair grooming service and/or supplies; basic first aid items; toiletries; and school supplies. The donations we seek can range from food to money. A wide range of these donations can qualify as tax-deductible contributions. Levite Alms is eligible through the IRS to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions:

IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

Levite Alms is a Private Foundation.

        We are seeking to provide aid and outreach to needy people from all walks of life; and ages. We help all people without discrimination or bias; predominantly we try to support the unemployed, underemployed, homeless individuals, and poverty-stricken neighborhoods. At times, it is difficult for certain individuals to access services such as the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, and illiterate homeless people that need not-for-profit organizations to come to them and not always them to it. In the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York which, Levite Alms is located, we have noticed a lack of programs that can effectively cultivate the minds, hearts, and souls of the youths. Although physical activities may be abundant within the community, most youths aren’t knowledgeable of nutritional facts and benefits for the human body; tech skills, such as computer programming, digital imaging, music production, gaming and mobile app development aren’t afforded.

     With open and frank discussion, we hope everyone from all walks of life will have an open mind. We feel people should be provided with help when they cannot find it, are afraid, or unable to get help themselves. By reprogramming our thought process, we as a society can be able to see that selflessness will perpetuate prosperity for all! 

      Anyone can donate any monetary portion of item sales from eBay (eBay for Charity) and/or the rebate portion of the purchase of a gift card for essential personal/household daily use from a variety of retailers from ShopWithScrip will be a contribution to Levite Alms.

The rebate from the purchase used to pay for the gift card(s) will go to Levite Alms as a contribution. Please, check it out!

Here's a link to the NYS Attorney General's Charities Bureau. Here's the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau: Tips on Charitable giving

Here's a video from TIME and Money about "Year-End Tax Tips: Donating to Charity | Money" !!

Here's a video from Pure Financial Adviors, Inc. about "Reducing Taxes with Charitable Giving" !!


Acceptable Donations:


    Hi, we are urging support with donations of clothing, money, food, drinks, electronic items, footwear, basic hair grooming service and supplies, basic first aid supplies, toiletries, and school supplies. We kindly ask for the clothing to be new or lightly worn; for the food and drinks to be mostly non-perishable before the expiration date and for food that can be distributed immediately to the homeless; for the electronic items to be new or lightly used; the footwear to be new or lightly used; the grooming service to be provided primarily by barbershops and salons and for the grooming supplies to be new; for the toiletries to be new; and for the school supplies to be new or lightly used. When it comes to the electronic items to be donated it could be fans, laptops, computers, or phones. The basic first aid supplies could be band-aids, gauze, or rubbing alcohol. The basic grooming service to be provided by willing, kind professionals for those whom would otherwise not get the service. The basic toiletries could be toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, or mouthwash. The school supplies could be books, pens, or backpacks. We know many people can't provide new, unused, or lightly used items but, to discourage the distribution of bacteria and viruses, we ask that all things donated to be new, as close to new as possible, and clean; it will provide a longer lifespan. Those that are receiving these items may not have the opportunities to clean it themselves. We thank you all very much. Monetary donations of any kind are welcomed. A wide range of these donations can qualify as tax-deductible. Thank You.

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