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Levite Alms' stories

On February 2, 2016, Levite Alms initiated advertisement of our youth program to our East New York community. As part of our strategy to get the word out, we did it the old fashion way by distributing flyers. What's common with handing out flyers is that most people perceive it to be a tactic to persuade them to purchase something. Well, what we decided to provide with the flyers were small bags of Pirate Booty snacks and chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles and toffee. I know, the pretzel sticks aren't that healthy but, on a shoestring budget we wanted to offer something extra to the public. In the future, we look forward to providing more healthier items. So I, Wendell (the other half of Levite Alms) went to the corner of Pennsylvania and Livonia in East New York to advertise. Whenever I go out to engage the public in any way there's always a feeling that people will reject me. I know rejection comes with the territory but, once I'm out there interacting with people I become comfortable with their dismissal. I began with different verbal solicitations that would grasp a person's attention. I wanted a brief description that would be clear and understandable. I didn't want people to think I was selling something so, I said, "free information about a non-profit helping the youth in the community". Here I am saying that line as quickly and clearly as possible while pedestrians are practically running from me. Due to consistent conditioning, most individuals assume that any solicitation will lead to them being relieved of their money. Even after I mentioned free some people asked, "how much?" Because I already understood the nature of those I would encounter it was easier to deal with. During the experience, I was able to have a rare conversation with a young woman about the struggle to follow God's path. Another woman gave a donation, although, it wasn't a part of Levite Alms' goal. Those two moments and the others I haven't mentioned were truly inspirational. After a little over an hour of advertising, I was satisfied with the result.

People may be looking to make a change by implementing an idea that can transfigure the lives of many in a positive way. Please, don't be discouraged to go out and do the smallest act that might change the negative perception of one individual. Once you have a genuine desire to provide hope and peace to those co-existing with each other, do something!

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