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  • Wendell Francis

Levite Alms' stories

On March 16, 2016, I gave out a couple of eduTab learning devices and flyers. I'm always fascinated by people's reluctance to accept a toy. Some people believe that it's a scam! There has to be a catch! I know it's difficult to fathom that you can be walking down the street and someone hands you a toy for your child. It can truly disrupt a person's mode of thought. Remember the old saying? "Nothing in life is for free". As a charity, Levite Alms is dismantling barriers by giving to individuals who have no true understanding of what hope is. Every moment one's mindset becomes altered to where he or she can think beyond what they have been programmed to think. It's not easy to reprogram someone that's comfortable with their mental process or one who doesn't have access to a source of liberation. When you're free mentally, you can become unshackled in many ways!

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