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  • Wendell Francis

Levite Alms' stories

On March 30, 2016, My Sister and I went to the Gateway Center Mall in East New York. While there, we handed out an eduTab learning device and distributed a few flyers. This was the first time we simultaneously addressed the public. My sister and I usually work together behind the scenes but, this day was special. We believe it's more impactful when we're both visible to the community because it reflects a portion of the gender, age and race demographics. As Co-Directors we feel that it's necessary for each and every individual that play a role in a charitable organization should engage the denizens of the community it serves, in person. This way enables a not-for-profit to have a greater understanding of the people they're servicing and vice versa. Also, it adds a personal quality that delivers respect, care, and selflessness.

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